10 photos show that Japan lives in 2050

Japan has invariably set an honest example in leading the globe wherever organization, planning, and cleanliness worries. Its cities have the foremost convenient amenities to form the lives of its voters comfy. Development, public services, and innovation area unit the hallmarks of the japanese administration wherever you’ll even see robots serving you at a building and umbrella marketing machines. it’s one among the foremost developed countries within the world and also the sort of stuff they need there’ll build one assume that Japan is truly living in 2050 instead of 2019. Take a glance.

1 . Rice Paddy Art

This is one distinctive issue you likely aren’t aiming to see anyplace else within the word. Paddy art is made by planting differing types of rice in an exceedingly specific order to make a picture. It’s a really inventive construct and a giant attraction in Japan. The large size of the photographs Ar spectacular and then is that the color.

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