Al Wilson, WWE character and Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson’s father, has died

image source : wwe

Tonight (Sat., April 6), Torrie Wilson are inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame during a ceremony at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

One of her signature storylines on SmackDown throughout the first aughts concerned her real-life father, Al. it had been a awfully Attitude/Ruthless Aggression era angle wherever Dawn Marie’s heel character seduced Torrie’s father as a part of a theme to mortify her, and concerned scenes that were over at the time however square measure delayed currently as everything wrong with however WWE once bestowed ladies. The angle concluded with a match between Dawn Marie and Torrie at Royal Rumble in 2003.

In a unhappy little bit of coincidence, professional Wrestling Sheet has confirmed that Al Wilson died earlier in the week – simply days before his female offspring and former SmackDown co-star would be honored by WWE on WrestleMania weekend.

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